New England Pediatric Care is an 80-bed pediatric skilled nursing facility for the 24 hour care of children with complex medical needs.  Our staff is expressly trained to meet the unique needs of children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, from birth to age 22.  The care team includes attending physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, special education teachers, therapeutic recreation specialists and social workers.  These professionals collaborate to provide personalized care to medically fragile children.  Our services are provided in a sensitive, compassionate, home-like environment and include:


Highly skilled teams of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work around the clock to attend to the medical needs of our young patients.  Each member of the nursing staff is trained in critical care and skills are regularly refreshed and updated in professional development sessions. Learn more


Children who are being discharged from an acute care hospital frequently need transitional care before they return to their homes.  NEPC offers exceptional services for those in-between times when continued medical support will speed recovery from surgery or ease a transition to a new treatment or technology.  Our goal is to get your child well-enough to go home. Medical conditions may be as simple as rehabilitation for a child with a cast, or as complex as breathing with a ventilator.  We also teach families how to care for their recovering child and to manage life supporting technology at home. Learn more

Short-term care

NEPC is available to admit your child for short-term care.  A child with medically complex health can be admitted to NEPC for Short-Term Care, for reasons including the aforementioned Post-Hospitalization care NEPC offers short-term care to children and families for variety of reasons such as post-hospitalization care, intense, daily rehabilitation, or over all medical management.  Stays can range from a few weeks up to 90 days. Learn more

Long-term care

Long-term care is reserved for the most medically fragile children.  These individuals have cognitive or neurological impairments that require 24-hour skilled nursing care on an extended basis. Long-term care can be permanent resident status or it could be any stay that involves treatment and care at our facility for more than 90 consecutive days.  Our staff is fully equipped to handle the most complicated care for fragile children, no matter what the condition or diagnosis. Learn more


NEPC offers both physical and occupational therapies for medically fragile children.  Our facility is outfitted with the latest therapy equipment including all sizes of standers, gait trainers, adapted tricycles and a treadmill, as well as a heated, accessible indoor pool.  All are essential parts of our rehabilitation program.  Rehab plans are developed with physicians and licensed OT and PT staff, and reviewed with family to ensure that each child gets the best care possible while they are residents at NEPC.  Learn more

Special Education Day School

NEPC’s Chapter 766 Day School provides a stimulating learning environment that is sensitive to the unique cognitive and medical needs of each child. Lessons are tailored to engage students at their own level and help them achieve their potential.  The day school is also open to medically fragile children whose families care for them locally at home.  NEPC’s exceptional teaching staff is highly skilled in teaching children with special learning needs. Learn more

Social Services

Our social workers are typically the first point of contact for most referrals and for families considering long or short term care at NEPC.  NEPC’s Licensed Certified Social Workers (LCSWs) introduce children and their families to our facility and assist with the Medical Review Team application. They also help families get answers to their insurance and financial questions.  Learn more

Specialty Clinics 

NEPC organizes weekly specialty clinics to bring medical care to our residents at our facility, reducing the burden of transporting children to medical appointments in Boston or surrounding areas. The clinics include:

  • Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Brace Clinic
  • Wheelchair/Seating Clinic
  • Splinting Clinic
  • Optometry Clinic

Learn more about Specialty Clinics

Therapeutic Recreation Therapy

Residents and students at NEPC need time to have fun and just be a child.  From sensory experiences like smelling popcorn on movie night or day field trips to a weekend outing in Cape Cod, NEPC’s residents have the opportunity to experience life in new ways and brighten then their days while in  receiving care. Learn more