POST-HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM Transitional Short-Term Care After Surgery or Illness

Starting in 2009, New England Pediatric Care initiated admitting children for sub-acute/post-hospitalization/transitional care. Since the program’s inception, NEPC has partnered with any number of New England hospitals to successfully admit and discharge children home, with great outcomes.

Admission Process

It is critical that Discharge Planners and/or families apply for the Post-Hospitalization Program while their child is hospitalized.  Candidates must need skilled nursing care and/or intense therapeutic treatments and are expected to eventually return to their home or residential placement.  This program is not intended for long-term care.

NEPC’s first step is to work with families, providers and discharge planners from referring hospitals to gather critical information and assess whether we can meet the child’s short-term needs.  Next, we develop a plan for high quality continuum of care and assist with the necessary approvals.  Because our facility is designed to meet the unique needs of children a short-term stay at NEPC can maximize a child’s recovery from a major surgery or illness and reduce the likelihood of re-admission to the hospital. We strive to return children to their homes as quickly as possible.  The Post Hospitalization Program allows for up to a 30-day stay; very complex cases may be extended up to 90 days.

Family Teaching and Participation

Families are encouraged to visit their children whenever they wish. They continue to be the sole decision makers regarding any medical or educational plans developed for their children and can be involved in their daily activities to whatever extent they wish. Parents can have lunch, attend a medical appointment or therapy session, or drop in to say good night.

Our staff will help you understand your child’s needs and teach you how to support your child’s health and comfort at home.

Knowing how to care for a child in the home after a major surgery or illness is critical to a successful long-term recovery.   In many cases, recovering children may need to adjust to a new intervention: a ventilator, feeding tube, or new medication, for instance. NEPC works with each family to prepare the home and organize an optimal home care plan.

Some family teaching topics include:

  • Venitlator teaching
  • Trach care
  • G-Tube/J-Tube/G/J-Tubes/NG Tubes care and nutrition management
  • Wound care
  • Seizure management
  • Medication administration
  • Therapy needs