A short-term admission can last between several days and several months. NEPC offers this service to children and families for various reasons. One example is when a child is being cared for at home and begins to develop a new (or recurring) medical issue that needs professional attention. A short-term admission can also provide families and caregivers a needed break. Many times, there are other siblings in the home who can benefit from some special time with their parents or guardians, and respite care can help a family respond to this need.

Admission To apply for a short-term admission to New England Pediatric Care your child must be:

  • Younger than 22 years of age
  • Assessed below the cognitive level of a 24-month old child
  • Require skilled nursing
    • Examples include a gastrostomy tube, tracheotomy, continuous ventilation and/or a seizure disorder which requires intervention
  •  Approved by the Medical Review Team for short-term care.

Please contact the NEPC social service department.