LONG TERM CARE For Medically Fragile Children

Making the decision to place your child for long-term care can be a difficult and emotional decision. At NEPC, we understand that long-term placement becomes necessary for many different reasons, and we provide a supportive, family-oriented atmosphere for our long-term residents and their families.

Long Term Admissions

To apply for a long-term admission to New England Pediatric Care, your child must be approved by the MRT for long-term care.


  • Must show a cognitive level of under twelve months or under
  • Requires a minimum of two skilled nursing needs
    • Examples include a gastrostomy tube, tracheotomy, continuous ventilation and/or a seizure disorder that requires intervention
  • Approved by the Medical Review Team for long-term care.

Please contact the NEPC Social Service Department

Life at NEPC

When a child is admitted for long-term care, NEPC will provide a bedroom that will accommodate him or her, and do our best to pair your child with a roommate with similar needs. We encourage families to decorate their child’s room with posters and photos, and to bring any items that will help them feel comfortable, such as a bed spread/comforter or favorite stuffed animal.

Please contact the NEPC Social Service Department