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Individualized Care

Unique care plans are developed for each child no matter how short or long their stay will be at NEPC.  We work closely with each family and discharge planner to ensure that we receive the right input for each child to develop a care plan that will help each child get back to their baseline in terms of overall health and physical condition.

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Rehabilitation Clinics

From spasticity management to range of motion and contractures, NEPC offers a range of rehab clinics to support the needs of children with physical disabilities or recovering from injuries.

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Family Teaching and Support
One of our hallmarks at NEPC is our family teaching and support practices.  It is our goal to help families learn how to care for and provide emotional support for their medically fragile child.  This includes preparing a family for taking their child home or supporting their care while being a resident at NEPC. 

For our post-hospitalization residents, the goal is help each child recover from their surgery and get them back home.  Our staff helps family members understand their child’s needs and teaches them how to support their child’s health and comfort at home.

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Discharge Planning

We work closely with discharge planners across regional hospitals to provide a step-down option from pediatric ICU with sub-acute care for children who need to continue their recovery process before going home.

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Therapeutic Recreation

Residents and students at NEPC need time to have fun and just be a child.  From sensory experiences like smelling popcorn on movie night or day field trips to a weekend outing in Cape Cod, NEPC’s residents have the opportunity to experience life in new ways and brighten their days while receiving care.

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